Old Mah Jong Game Bone Dice Bamboo Tiles ca: 1920's w Instructions USS Midway

$ 140.00

This is a beautiful set with a nice history.  
The gentleman on the return address
obviously mailed one of the instructions
to the addressee who he had gifted the
game to.  The return address was on the
U.S.S. Midway out of San Francisco,
CA. I found this at an estate sale where
all was being sold and he was going
into a retirement home.  I blurred out
the names and address for privacy sake.
The dovetail box has a few condition
problems such as cracks, not too bad.
The instruction books are well worn
and a bit bedraggled.  I found the sliding
top box of 4 tiny bone dice after I took
the main photo.  There are 148 tiles and
numerous long bamboo pieces.  Also, you
will find a few scattered pieces marked as
shown. The box measures approx. 9 1/4"
X 7 1/8" X 3 1/4". 

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