Sterling Silver 925 Pendant 8 X 6 Natural Purple African Amethyst NEW 1.25 ct

$ 10.00

This natural amethyst, the February 
birthstone,  creates a heightened 
awareness, clairvoyants and psychics 
rely on the stone to amplify intuition 
and open all spiritual channels.  The 
stone is pale in color and well cut.  
You will find natural inclusions, this
is normal.  This is a smaller pendant 
so please take note of the size.   The
chain is not included so the listing
is for the pendant only.  I am currently
listing several of these pendants in
various colors and will combine
shipping.  This pendant is actual
sterling silver and not silver plate
over copper as is common with pieces
coming out of China and India
despite their being marked and
represented as sterling. It is also
a natural stone and not colored
flawless glass. 

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