Matisse Copper April 26 2016

Just listed several pieces of Matisse copper from the Mid Century era.  I love the warmth of the copper with the bright enamels!  Very appealing.

Chenille! April 10 2016

I just listed several vintage chenille bedspreads.  Different designs, different conditions. The grape bundle one is my favorite.  I might have to keep that one.  ;-)


$1.99 SPECIALS!!! October 12 2015

$1.99 SPECIALS!!  Check out the items throughout the site for $1.99 prices.  These prices will be temporary and can change daily from item to item.

American Style Boho Native American Southwestern Jewelry September 15 2015

Whatever you want to call it, the design is timeless.  Created by Native American artisans from various tribes, it's especially popular now and each piece is a one of a kind.  I am currently listing several pieces from a couple of estates of Navajo and Zuni.

German Estate Jewelry July 18 2015

I've just recently added several estate jewelry pieces from a German woman who was an avid jewelry collector.  Many of the pieces are European, then there are a few that are Mexican.  Happy shopping!